Daniel Paull, Owner, Developer

There's no I in Team but there is an I in Regal Computer ServIces. That I is me, Daniel Paull.

For over 20 years, I have been developing software whether it's websites, databases, tools or simply something to automate my own personal tasks to make them easier.

Over the course of these decades I have primarily worked with Microsoft based products, .NET, VB, VisualBasic, vbScript etc.... at the end of the day it's not the development tool or language you use but what YOU can do with it that matters.

If a developer says they can't do something, it's usually because they DON'T WANT TO DO SOMETHING not that they can't. Programming languages are usually quite flexible and there are multiple API's for everything else.
Don't let your developer hold you back!

When I am not superglued to my computer working, I like spending time with my wonderful wife, working on construction projects and hiking or walking the dog.

Education and Training

Educated in England, by American standards I attended a Community College for two years, obtaining a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies after graduating Secondary School (High School).

I continued to hone my programming skills with online teaching systems and simply a passion to learn.

To this day I still thoroughly enjoy the challenge of programming and overcoming the obstacles that each new project brings.

A Team of One

At the end of the day I provide the best service I can to my customers, I keep my operation small and streamlined and never double book work. If I tell you that your job will be done on a certain date I guarantee you it will be done on or before that date. My word is my bond.

As my business grows I hope to bring on other employees, but this would be done organically and with obvious need and not simply to make my business look more impressive on paper.

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